All currency notes sold by Dinar Exchange have a number of security features designed to prevent counterfeiting and we have taken steps to confirm the authenticity of all of the currency we sell. We use De La Rue / Talaris Counting authentication machine to authenticate our Dinar, which can be traced back to the Bank of Iraq.

We include a certificate of authenticity with every order.

The New Iraqi Dinar is printed by the De La Rue Corporation, the world’s largest integrated commercial security printer and papermaker and the printer of over 150 world currencies. De La Rue incorporates a number of nearly foolproof countermeasures into the New Iraqi Dinar, including:

• Metallic ink (25K note)

• Embedded security thread (25 K note)

• Horse head watermark embedded into each note (all notes)

• Raised lettering

• Unique Arabic serial numbers

• Denomination’s value glows under an ultraviolet light

• The eight-sided symbol in the bottom left hand corner should change color from purple to green when viewed at different angles.